Representing the Nation's State Labor Commissioners

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Active Members - $750 annually

Membership is open to all states, U.S. Territories, the federal government, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Active members receive full benefits and have voting privileges. Dues are paid by each state, federal or territory's central labor agency. This allows these member organizations to list one primary member and up to two secondary members - typically directors/senior-level staff from the central agency.

Associate Government Membership - $500 annually

Other government agencies may join NAGLO as an affiliate member in conjunction with the labor department of their respective state, commonwealth, federal district, United States, or United States territory. Affiliate members receive mailings and may attend and participate in annual meetings, but do not have voting privileges.

Affiliate Members - $1,000 annually

Affiliate membership is open to non-government organizations interested in learning more about government labor policies and regulations. Affiliate memberships foster better communication among interested parties - in an effort to reach one goal - to make the workplace best serve the working men and women of our country.

International Membership - $500 annually

International membership is available to any nation interested in maintaining contact with NAGLO. Nations interested in membership must petition the Board by written notice. Approval is awarded based on majority vote of the membership. International Membership includes all benefits of Active Membership, except voting rights.

If you are interested in joining NAGLO, please contact Mark Butler at (404) 232-3001 or via email. Active Members

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